Case Study: Consulting Business with Sass

Before working with us at Teal Vision Limited:

  • Lost key clients due to Covid overnight
  • Great at sales with lots of opportunity, needed time to recover from the pandemic
  • Heavy R&D investment, not funded by revenue
  • CEO stepped into service delivery; no time left for sales

Steps we took:

  • Few teaks found cash to feel confident to navigate next 6-9months
  • Reduced CEO stress so he could focus on business recovery, without panic
  • Found 5 hours per week to focus on sales calls
  • Discovered thousands of extra pounds per sale without additional labour costs
  • Built strategic framework for decision making, adding significant value to the business

What we accomplished:

  • Brought cash in quicker.
  • Increased contract profitability 50%
  • Retained all employees and hired more
  • 3X the pre-Covid business valuation

Case Study: An overworked online retailer found £56k profit hiding in his business and stopped using loans to fund growth.

Before working with us at Teal Vision Limited:

  • Strong sales growth but loss making
  • Tried to scale up for 5 years
  • Too many marketing channels not enough ROI
  • Trapped increasing loans to fund growth
  • Stock shortages which caused sales disruption

Steps we took:

  • Fixed pricing on loss making items to instantly make the business profitable
  • Eliminated money leaks and times wasters
  • Doubled down on the marketing channel with the greatest ROI
  • Identified how to remove the CEO from the day to day
  • Set stock reorder points to maximise cash and prevent running out of stock

What we accomplished:

  • Flipped from loss making to profit making business within 30 days
  • 2X revenues organically
  • Focused marketing on one channel, increasing ROI and reducing time investment
  • Uninterrupted sales as right products always on hand to sell

Case Study: Manufacturing business added £125k profit within 9 months.

Before working with us at Teal Vision Limited:

  • Business growth had plateaued
  • Barely breaking even
  • Dependency on loans to fund day to day operations
  • Owner wearing too many hats, team was overly dependent on his involvement

Steps we took:

  • Eliminated profit leaks
  • Ensured each new sale was profitable to the business
  • Leveraged growth plan defined to hit profit and cash goals
  • Implemented Business Operating System for key decision making, reducing dependency on the CEO

What we accomplished:

  • Flipped from loss making to profit making business within 30 days
  • Tripled the cashflow within 30 days
  • 6X EBITDA within 4 months
  • Established a performance culture with the team owning growth projects
Haider Imam

“Without Laura, our business may not have survived the ravages of the pandemic. Laura quite literally saved us after hundreds of thousands of pounds of work cancelled due to covid. Laura helped us turn the business around from sinking to swimming in a matter of 12 weeks.

She genuinely wanted to deep dive into what we do to understand how we make money and how we create client value then guided us to refine and restructure the commercial model. Within less than three months of working with her, I’m more financially literate than ever & the business has more financial backbone than ever. Professionals like Laura don’t come around very often; if you get a
chance to work with her, grab it – you won’t look back.”

Haider Imam – TAO leadership Ltd.

Lou Matera Profile
I was referred to Laura from NEL to help better understand and manage my business financials. Laura was able to dig deep into our metrics to devise a working financial model that enables us to forecast cash flow and attain profitability in a low-margin, volume based D2C product business.

Since working with Laura, we’ve managed to turn a sales growth centric business into a working profitable model that can scale with a much deeper understanding of key attributes such as (very complicated) COGS, marketing costs, margins, and sales volumes required.

Laura’s experience has enabled the business to pivot through lockdown placing us in a strong position to secure further VC investment and continue its growth trajectory.”

Laura was able to dig deep into our metrics to devise a working financial model that enables us to forecast cash flow and attain profitability in a low-margin, volume based D2C product business. We have been able to pivot through lockdown into a strong position to secure further VC investment.

Lou Antonio Matera – CEO at Youth Sport Nutrition
Rob Hammal

Laura looked into our business and helped us to see where we have been losing money. She then came up with workable and robust strategies and has supported us to make better profits.

Rob Hammal – MD at Speedings Ltd
Missing Avatar

We worked very closely with Laura for 3 years. Laura has excellent strategic and forensic skills remaining focussed on the deadline and key deliverables of the projects. She successfully lead a project reducing cost of manufacture by £1M over two years. Furthermore, Laura is a hard-working person who immediately understands what is required by the client from the outset and how to get it done quickly and effectively. On the interpersonal side, Laura gets along with colleagues at all levels within the organisation.

Malcom Irving – Head of Operations at Draeger
Peter Deans
Laura has worked with me to develop financial forecasts for a business to be spun out of a university. She was critical to ensure the new business model was set up profitably and had the cash flow to be set up for success. She managed this complex project with a calm thoroughness that gave reassurance to all of us involved. She is practical, commercially minded and has a great understanding of how to present information to support decision making.
Peter Deans – Director Business Mind Social Purpose
Becky Elton

Laura has been instrumental in the successful delivery of our Social Impact Bond project. Laura worked with us from the beginning and over the past 3 years has given our team confidence and clarity to succeed with this complex PBR project.

Laura has also supported us to negotiate reprofiling of targets. She is highly skilled in making complex information digestible and her commitment to our project was second to none. Laura took the time to not only understand the project but also the wider organisation and built strong relationships with key people in the organisation and stakeholders in the project. Laura has demonstrated strong values throughout the project and is genuinely interested in the people the project is helping. I would highly recommend Laura and would be happy to talk through how she helped us in more detail anytime.”

Becky Elton – Deputy CEO at Changing Live

Peter Deans

Laura came highly recommended by a couple of advisors as we needed help with our financial planning. She really helped us really nail down our finances starting from a pricing review to sales forecasts, then P&L and Balance Sheets. She assisted us plan a budget for a funding bid, calculate salaries, taxes and potential R&D claims for the next 2 years. She challenged our thinking and business model giving it greater strength. She helped us to develop a robust and realistic business model, with a set of financials that we can now use to build the business around and clear direction for our sales strategy.

Laura is professional and personable and just gets the job done. I cannot recommend her enough for anyone who needs help to improve their business finances.

James Miller – Director of Grape Solutions
Lynn Johnson

I appointed Laura when our charity was facing significant financial challenges and needed a commercially astute FD who could work alongside me to develop a new strategy to diversify our income and re focus our Home Care Service.

Laura’s approach was refreshing, she gave us clear direction on how best we could profitably develop new paid for services to fund our infrastructure. Her grasp of the complexities of the charity’s commercial activities and ability to make the complex easy to understand helped us to rapidly refocus, prioritise and make tough decisions about what we should stop doing.

Laura is a real people person and despite the challenge we were facing in a very short period of time established her credibility with the Board and her colleagues. She is able to think outside the box and challenge the status quo in a quiet but compelling way and made me think differently about our business aims.

Lynn Johnson – CEO Age UK